Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin: Going National

Bulletin: Palin Hinting at Run for Presidency. "And though it's honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions I make. But every American understands what it takes to make a decision because it’s right for all, including your family." (Sarah's Facebook Note on July 4)

I believe Sarah Palin made Friday's decision herself. She was basically being held prisoner in Alaska ("Boo hoo, Sarah doesn't 'wub' us as much as she 'wubs' the lower-48." She's better off being the former Gov. of Alaska. Essentially, Sarah was being held "prisoner" in Alaska because of the endless whining that ook place in The Anchorage Daily News and elsewhere whenver she ventured out-of-state.

Bulletin: Please read Pamela Geller's superb article "Palin in 2012" in WorldNetDaily:

Sarah is a national figure with national aspirations, and it's in her best interest not to continue to serve as Governor. It's that simple folks.

Some "conservative pundits," generally as idiotic as their liberal counterparts, will express bogus horror that Sarah has "quit her day-job." Frankly, Sarah doesn't want to run for President on the state of Alaska's dime. Obama quit as his own day-job, as U.S. Senator -- or at least stopped performing it -- after serving less than a year. Nobody raised a peep.

Here's how Greg Hanson, a keen observer, described Sarah's actions:

"I just read the transcript of her speech, and nothing in there tells me that she's the least bit interested in quitting. She is taking her fight to a completely new level. She is now free to come and go as she pleases, and will undoubtedly be taking advantage of some of the hundreds of invitations she's received. Look for Sarah Palin at a venue near you in the coming weeks and months. I find it interesting that her resignation comes about the same time as SarahPAC's numbers are reported. My hunch is that they will be huge, and will be a very big story both as to the amount raised, and the number of donors, all with very little effort on her part. This is the opening salvo of the 2012 campaign. Start packing 0bama, you're finished."

Additional Comments by Steve in an e-mail to Sarah Supporter Bill LeBlanc:

I said on this blog yesterday that she basically was being "held prisoner" in Alaska, with bogus "ethics violations" being filed against her every time she left the state. Some people in Alaska have an insecurity complex and don't understand that what happens in America has a tremendous impact on Alaska. Ronald Reagan didn't get elected until 1980, but he started having great influence nationally with a speech he gave in 1964. You and I were lucky enough to attend the Oct. event in Beaver, PA, and we saw first-hand the kind of power and honesty in this remarkable woman. Sarah is already the most important political female in American history.

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